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SCA Whole Hog Rules



Whole Hog Selection

 The promoter will provide each team 1 whole hog.

 The approximate weight is 25- 30 kg

 Hog selection is conducted the same as SCA steak selection. The hogs will be laid out on tables and the teams will pick in order of the hog selection drawing.



 Judging for whole hog will be done with both blind and onsite judging methods. Each event will have two winners, one from the “Blind Judging” and one from the “On Site Judging”. Since “On Site Judging” is to please the crowd/teams/organizers.



Blind Judging

 5 judges

 Team will turn in 1 box with 4 meat groups from left to right: shoulder/belly/ loin/ ham no garnish.

 The promoter will provide the turn in boxes and the lid must close.

 Judging criteria Appearance, Taste, Texture/Moist, and Overall Impression.

 The tie breakers order is: Taste, Texture/Moist, Appearance, and Overall Impression.

 Reps – Rib Program/Sheets


On Site Judging

 5 judges- Conducted at teams cook sites.

 Judging criteria Appearance, Creativity, Taste, and Execution.

 Definitions: Appearance (Does it look appetizing?), Creativity (Hoe creative is the “Dressed Up “hog display?), Taste (How tasty is it?), Execution (no cracks in skin, skin intact and golden brown), and Overall impression (What was your impression of your overall experience with the hog?).


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