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The Smokin' Que at your place

The Concept

The Smokin’ Que regularly gets asked if we can cater for smaller groups.

Unfortunately, we have not been set up to do this until now.

We have custom made a hot plate to allow us to smoke meat and maximize the flavour. From there we arrive at your place to finish off the cook and present you with restaurant style eating in a relaxed environment.

Group bookings are available for 12 or 20 people.

The Requirements

The Smokin’ Que needs a minimum of 3x3m to work in, and for you to dine in with access to your yard or garage.

We need to be able to get the grill to this location and require .800mm minimum for the grill to fit through a gate if dining in your back yard.

You will sit in a 3×3 marque, or 6×3 for the larger group of 20. You will be sat around the grill at the Chef’s Table to watch the meal being prepared in front of you.

The menu

The Smokin’ Que have developed the below menu, for you to choose items and build a menu that suits your needs and showcases the exceptional products we work with.

Steaks – choose a brand and select one cut for the group

Other proteins can be added for those that do not wish to eat steak (limited numbers per group).

Sauces – select three options

Sides – select two options

Salads – select two options


More options can be added by tailoring a menu to suit you. Email

The Cooking Process

The Cuts of meat are whole pieces.

The Likes of Rib Roasts are used for Flintstones and Tomahawks, and Cube rolls for Boneless Ribeye.

From here we use a process called Reverse Sear to impart a wood and charcoal flavour, while slowing rendering down fat and cooking the meat to Rare.

Steaks are cut from the large piece of beef, and finished on the hotplate to provide a beatiful flavour from the rendered fat to form the crust.

The Meat

TSQ use Export Quality meat, such as the global award-winning Pure South Handpicked Beef range’s 55 Day Aged Beef, which recently won three consecutive gold medals at the World Steak Challenge.

Offering cuts up to and including 8-9 BMS you know you will have a quality meal, prepared by staff that know and understand the meat cuts they use from paddock to plate.

Marbling is that webbing of creamy white fat that riddles a cut of beef, and which gives it a spectacular tenderness, juiciness and richness. This score is called BMS or  Beef Marble  Score.